Important AT commands.

Here is a list of some important AT commands for the A2D-1 / A2D-3.

Commands concerning modem hardware:

AT+CGMI Gives manufacturer information.
AT+CGMM Gives GSM model information.
AT+CGMR Gives firmware revision information.
AT+CGSN Gives the IMEI number.

Network registration commands:

AT+CPIN? Gives the PIN status information.

- READY = Modem is not pending for any password.

- SIM PIN = Modem is waiting for SIM PIN to be given.

- SIM PUK = Modem is waiting for SIM PUK to be given.

AT+CREG? Show the network registration status.
AT+COPS? Show the current PLMN.
AT+CSQ Show the current field strength.

Normal operation: 7 to 31.

Serial link control commands:

ATE[<n>] n = 0: Echo off, n = 1: Echon on
ATQ[<n>] n = 0: Result codes on, n = 1: Result codes off
ATV[<n>] n = 0: Response text off, n = 1: Response text on
AT&C[<n>] n = 0: DCD olways on, n = 1: DCD state of carrier
AT&D[<n>] n = 0: DTR ignored, n = 1: Enter command state, n = 2: Call clear down
AT+IPR=<rate> Set baudrate <rate>
AT+ICF=[<format>][,<parity>] Set data format and parity
AT+IFC=<DCE>,<DTE> Set flow control

Call control commands:

ATD<number>; Establish a voice call
AT+VGR=<n> Set amplification of the microphone, n = 0 to 23
AT+VGT=<n> Set amplification of the speaker, n = 0 to 20
ATD<number> Establish a data call
ATA Accept an incoming call
ATS0=<n> Set auto answer after n calls
ATH Hang up
AT+VTS=<tone> Transmit a DTMF tone, range 0 to 9, A to D, #, *
AT+VTD=<n> Set length of the DTMF tone n = 0,1 Second
+++ Switch to command mode
ATO Switch to online mode
AT+CBST=[<speed>],0[,<ce>] Set bearer service type and mode

For further details, downlod the full specification here. (PDF format, 582 kBytes)

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